Things You Can Do:

  1. RAISE AWARENESS. Help others to learn more about the nature of violence against children in Israel/Palestine—by inviting Palestinian or Israeli children’s rights, humanitarian or peace organizations to speak in your community, encouraging a local theater to show a documentary on the subject, or holding a memorial vigil at which the children’s names are read.

    TO DISTRIBUTE this booklet at suitable events, or to send copies to your representatives, members of your church, synagogue or mosque, local school, university, library, newspaper, radio or TV station, or your favorite children’s organization, please send us a request by e-mail or by telephone +1-202-939-6050 or toll-free (within the U.S.) 800-368-5788. There is no charge for the booklets themselves, but please help us with shipping and handling costs according to the following schedule (within the U.S.):

    1 booklet: $3
    2-8 booklets: $5
    9-45 booklets: $10
    46+ booklets: $Inquire
    Intl Rates: $Inquire

    • Set aside some time each week to write your elected representatives (see contact information below), asking your government to provide humanitarian funding to protect children caught in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and to apply pressure on both sides to ensure that children are never targets of violence.
    • Write to Israeli and Palestinian officials in your country, urging that both the government of Israel and the Palestinian Authority act at all times in the best interests of children—especially in protecting them from violence.
    • Write your newspaper and magazine editors, asking them to increase their coverage of the impacts this conflict has on Palestinian and Israeli children.

    These letters are more important than you may realize in changing government policies and media approaches to the Middle East.

    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
    Washington, DC 20500
    (202) 456-1111
    [email protected]
    Fax (202) 456-2461

    Secretary of State
    U.S. Department of State
    Washington, DC 20520
    (202) 647-6575
    [email protected]
    Fax (202) 261-8577

    Senator: __________________
    United States Senate
    Washington, DC 20510
    (202) 244-3121 (Ask for your senator.)
    Send your Sen. an email

    Rep.: __________________
    U.S. House of Representatives
    Washington, DC 20515
    (202) 244-3121 (Ask for your rep.)
    Send your Rep. an email

    NON-U.S. READERS are also urged to contact their leaders and representatives, concerned organizations and the media, with the same message.

  3. BE INFORMED. Join the e-mail list of a children’s rights or a peace group for current updates on the issues facing children in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, or talk to those who have direct knowledge of the area.

  4. Some suggested Web sites:

  5. SUPPORT REMEMBER THESE CHILDREN. We know you deplore the death of innocent children. By drawing attention to this issue, we hope to prevent the loss of any more precious children by making them "off limits" in this conflict. Help us continue to update the Web site and send copies of this booklet to concerned readers around the world. We hope you'll agree that saving even one child's life will make it worth your while. Please make a generous contribution to Remember These Children.

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